Lotus line

Lotus line images
The Lotus line consist of products created by Stanny. The proceeds are donated to the Lotus Children’s Centre in Gachuurt – Mongolia.

All products are hand made, all surface designs are hand-drawn. Each item is 1 of a kind!
Are you interested in these products or would you like to see more? Please contact me.

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tas-eenden-achterkant     tas-eenden-voorkant

tas-vissen-achterkant     tas-vissen-voorkant

vissen-1     vissen-2

vissen-geel-op-standaard-achter     vissen-geel-op-standaard-voor

vissen-op-standaard-achter     vissen-op-standaard-voor

vogel-op-standaard-achter     vogel-op-standaard-voor

woestijn-1     woestijn-2

yurt-1     yurt-2


bankje-met-kussen1     bankje-met-kussen2     bankje-met-kussen3

bird-2     bird-3

face-2     face-3

face-4     face-5

face-6     face-7

flowers     insect-1

insect-2     insect-3

kusse4     kussen5


kussen2     kussen3

kussen6     kussen7

landscape-1     landscape-2


img_3432     img_3433

img_2909     img_2943

img_3145     img_3153

img_3179     img_3236

img_3244     img_3252

img_3293     img_3321

img_3378     img_3391

img_3409     img_3429

mouth-masks     img_3417

img_8181     img_8180

img_7830     img_7654

img_7605     img_7408

img_7362     img_7317

img_7270     img_7269

img_7171     img_7169

img_7105     img_6951

img_6908     img_6907

img_6869     img_6810

img_6461     img_6447

img_6281     img_6253

img_5890     img_5830

img_5788     img_5787

img_5781     img_5772

notebook-covers     laptop-bag-lines

pilows     ipad-case

bag     aprons

kijkdoos-cities     kijkdoos-life-colours

kijkdoos-water-pollution     kijkdoos-women-behind-the-scenes

vogel-op-standaard                                                          leaf-bag

birds-1-lotus     birds-lotus

etui-lotus     etui1-lotus

ipad-lotus     flow-2-a

flow-1-a     bag-lotus1

vissen     vogel-5

vogel-4     vogel-3

vogels-lotus-2     vogels-lotus-1

7     8

1     5

2     4

3     6

12     11

10     9

flowers-1     flowers-2

flowers-3     flowers-4

Swarms fish 2     Swarms fish 1

Posh wallet bag 1     Flowers (3)

Posh pillows     posh 4

posh 5     Swarms garbage bin

Swarms fish 1a     Swarms fish 1b

Happy Santas 1     Happy Santas 2

Happy Santas 3     Happy Santas 4

Happy Santas 5     Happy Santas 6

Happy Santas 7     Happy Santas 8

Happy Santas 9     Happy Santas 10

swarms 18     swarms 19a

autumn 15     autumn 7 Lotus

autumn 5 Lotus     autumn 4 Lotus

swarms 17 Lotus     belt wallet 1

Swarms Lotus 3     Swarms Lotus 2

Swarms Lotus 1     uil Lotus

01a     02a

03a     04a

05a     06a

07a     08a

09a     10a

11a     12a