Surface design

Surface design images
All surface designs are hand-drawn. Each item is 1 of a kind!
Are you interested in my surface designs or would you like to see more? Please contact me.

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img_0367     img_0372

img_0352     img_0353

img_9190     img_0325

img_0873     6e52ef62-3f7f-4b67-a8c8-3a9e65e5b816

img_2311     img_2309

img_3320     img_3299


kotori       wajang

fitvon-flower     funky-flowers

dessin-g     dessin-f


dessin-a     dessin-c

dessin-d     dessin-b

fl-2-aa     fl2aaa

fl-9-a     fl2aaaa

fl-6-a     fl-7-a

fl-4-a     fl-5-a

fl-1-a     fl-3-a

dessin-houses     dessin-houses-2

15     16

20     19

18     22

21     23

spring-dessin     insects 6

insects 5     insects 4

insects 3 a     insects 3 b

insects 1     insects 2

posh 3     posh 2

posh 1     Wallpaper Manana

E2     E1

D9     Swarms Hoonie-Hugh

D8     D7

D5     D1

D6     D2

D3     D4

01a     10a

09a     08a

07a     06a

05a     04a

03a     02a